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Company Profile
Profile The company NESTOS S.A. (ex PET HELLAS LTD), since its establishment in 1978, is located in Northern Greece, in the perfecture of Xanthi. Main activity of the company is elaboration and canning of garden vegetables. Today, NESTOS S.A. , running its fourth decade, has to present -with her continuous progress -high quality products, while is the No 1 company in terms of production capacity in Greece.
Situated at the heart of the valley of Nestos river, NESTOS S.A.has the unique opportunity to process fresh agricultural products just a few hours after harvesting. This way, NESTOS S.A. supplies products in the market in all of their freshness, savour and vitamin content.
The facilities of NESTOS S.A. are located in a private area and consist of 4.000 m2 of productive and elaborative units and 5.500 m2 for warehousing of final-products. They are equipped with all the standards of the modern requirements.
The head office of the company and a warehouse occur in Thessaloniki in order to offer the best service for our customers in the Greek market.