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Mediterranean Products of High Nutrition Values

The miracle of Longevity

Plato in his "State" («Politeia») is referred in Socrates view about vegetarian and, generally, the natural regime, by saying that this is the source of good health and good morals, two factors that render the states healthy and robust, physically, morally and psychological.

It is widely known that we are what we eat. In consequence, the quality of our food is our life itself. So vulnerable and so valuable. Even if we do not realize it every day, our nutrition is the way to communicate with ourselves and it is simply either a burden or a reward. A little test for a little period, may convince anyone for the truth of this statement.

According to the medical studies, pepper is the main source of vitamin C among the vegetables. However, the red pepper contains even greater amount of vitamin C than any pepper and yet the quadruple quantity than the oranges. Its taste is great, while roasted they are delicious. Beetroots, on the other hand, they are rich in vitamin A and calcium, elements that renders them valuable for boosting the blood, while, at the same time, they constitute the basic remedial weapon for the war against cancer. Finally the aubergines (eggplants) strengthen the weak organisms.

In the Mediterranean, longevity is known and the reason is obvious: the regime is rich in olive oil, crispy vegetables, fresh fruits and red wine. In Greece, the heart of the Mediterranean, though, the longevity triumphs. And that is because the nature had endowed this place with the hot sun, the fertile soil and the deep blue sea. And its people preserve this fortune as a sacred tradition, by using technology not as a purpose but as the mean, granting to the products of this earth a unique purify.